Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

25000mah big capacity for Lithium polymer battery cell circle 300-500times use for E-Car, E-Scooter

Product Details

Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

Product Detail

  1. Model NO.:09185190

  2. Type:Lithium-Polymer Battery

  3. Usage:Electric Power, Portable Power Bank, Qi Wireless Charger

  4. Nominal Voltage:3.7V

  5. Typical capacity : 25000mah

  6. Discharge Rate:1c

  7. Shape:Prismatic

  8. Electrolyte:Li-ion Mixed Other Mental Element

  9. Installation:Packaged

  10. Rechargeable:Chargeable

  11. Trademark:GPC or Customized

  12. Transport Package:Standard Carton


Specification For Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery


3.7v 25000mAh lipo rechargeable battery mobile cell




bis approved certificate battery 3.7v  25000mAh lipo  battery mobile cell


lipo battery / lithium polymer

Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity


Full Charged Voltage


Discharge Cut-off Voltage


Charging Method

CC-CV (constant voltage with limited current)

Charging Current

Max charge:0.2C, Rapid charge: 1C



Operating Temperature

Charge: 0 to 45 °C Discharge:-20 to 60°C

Drawing for Battery 

Drawing for lithium polymer.png

T: 9.5MM  W : 185MM H:190MM

Our Battery Application

1. Tablet PC, Power Bank, E-reader, Smart-Phone, Laptop, Digital Frame, Torch, Portable DVD Player, Digital watch etc;
2. POS Machine System, Camcorder, Camera, GPS Navigator etc;
3. E-bike, E-scooter, E-motor, E-Golf Car, Forklift, Cleanness Car, E-wheelchairs;
4. Electric bus, Electric car, Electric Tour Car;
5. E-tool: electric drill, electric saw, lawn mower;
6. Remote Control: RC Toys, RC Helicopter, RC Boat, RC Aircraft;
7. Solar and wind power generation energy storage devices
8. Small medical equipment and portable power storage equipment;

Certificates & Reports Awarded
1.     CE, ROHS, IEC62133 Report, CB , UL1642, UL2054, KC,FCC, IEEE1725
2.     MSDS, UN38.3, 1.2 Meter Drop Test, Sea Shipping Transportation, Air Shipping Transportation Cost 

1.       Do not short-circuit the battery!
2.       Do not drop into water or fire!
3.       Do not expose to the sun!
4.       Do not disassemble the battery pack or cells!
5.       Keep far away from Children!
6.       When shipping, please take short-circuit protective action for the battery!

Package For Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery


Soft pack.jpg

The Lithium-Polymer battery Similar Model Picture


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