Lipo Battery

lipo battery cell ,capacity 5000mah, voltage: 3.7v, 100% truth capacity,ROHS \UL \UN certification for the singlce cell

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Lipo Battery

Specification for Lipo Battery

Item Specification Remark
3.1 Nominal Capacity                 5000 mAh 0.5 C discharge
3.2 Minimum. Capacity                 4900  mAh 0.5 C discharge
3.3 Nominal Voltage                 11.1 V                  
3.4 Charge Voltage                 12.6 ± 0.06 V                  
3.5 Charge Current                 Standard charge :                   0.5  C 2500 mA)      
                      Rapid charge :                   1.0  5 A)  
3.6 Charging Time                 Standard charge :                    3.0  hours (Ref.)                            
                      Rapid charge:                   2.0  hours (Ref.)    




Application for Lipo Battery

ele-communications equipment
Cellular Phones, PHS, Bluetooth earphones
Audio and Video Devices
Digital cameras, Camcorders, Portable DVD, VCD, MD and CD players
Information Devices
Notebook computers, personal fascimile machines, PDAs.
Electric Bicycles
Miner Lamps  GSP

Feature for  Lipo Battery

  1. Nominal voltage: 3.7V singlce cell
  2. Capacity: 5000mAh
  3. Discharging end voltage: 2.0V
  4. Standard charging current: 1C
  5. Standard discharging current: 1C
  6. Cycle life: 500 times
  7. Szie: As per your request
  8. Charging temperature: 0 to 45 degree Celsius
  9. Discharging temperature: -20 to 60 degree Celsius
  10. 1Storage temperature: -20 to 45 degree Celsius 
  11. Battery pack available   
  12. Approved by IEC62133, UN38.3, UL, RoHS


1. Do you supply customized service?
Yes, we can surpport OEM \ODM service such as:cover lithium battery quantity, LOGO label and color desplay
2. What is MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)?
50pcs for samples, 5000pcs for mass order 

3. Could I place an order of mixing the different lithium battery?
Yes, acceptable. we support mix cargo over NIMH \ POLYMER \ Lithium ion battery single cell and pack
4. How do you pack and ship the lithium battery?
We pack the goods with plastic tray and put into standard export carton box. the goods will not be damaged within strong package

5. How do you ship the lithium battery?
We can send you goods by  By Air & By Sea and by express with customer require.
6. How do I place an order?
issue the inquiry, we will issue thequotation and  pi after we confirm the detail 

confirm the pi , we will arrange the production with PI 

7. How do I make payment?
We accept payment via papal and bank transfer also LC
8. What is the delivery time?

single cell : 10 days  ,battery pack : 25-30 days

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