3.7v Polymer Lithium Ion Batteries For Power Bank

Polymer Lithium-Ion Cell 4Ah 936060 3.7v For Big Capacity Power Bank Specification For Polymer Lithium-Ion Cell 4Ah 936060 3.7v For Big Capacity Power Bank Safety Test Method And Standard Due to more stringent regulations in dealing with dangerous goods, Tac make the safe test follow UN38.3 and...

Product Details

3.7v Polymer Lithium Ion Batteries For Power Bank

Main Production

  1. Thin format, light weigh, large area, and flexibility in design. 
  2. Easily customized, Energy density, High capacity.

Specification For Polymer Lithium-Ion Cell 4Ah 936060 3.7v For Big Capacity Power Bank

Polymer Battery

113450   803860

803460   387490


Nominal voltage


Nominal capacity



Built in

Wire & Pin








Charging Voltage


Max Charge Current

2000mA (0.5C)

Max Discharge Current

4000mA (1C)

Operating temperature

Charge:0 C to 45 C                         Discharge:-20 C to 60 C

Storage Temperature

-20 C to 45 C

Cycle life






Do not overcharge, force charge, short circuit, disassemble, deform, heat or place the battery near a direct flame. Any of the above actions could cause it to ignite, explode or become damaged.

Keep this battery out of the reach of children.

When storing the battery or throwing it away, be sure to cover with tape.

Application for Polymer Lithium-Ion Cell 4Ah 936060 3.7v For Big Capacity Power Bank

  1. Smart wearable devices, smart cards, smart electronics
  2. Bluetooth earphone, power bank,MPS, Tablet PC. laptop,GPS


Packing for Polymer Lithium-Ion Cell 4Ah 936060 3.7v For Big Capacity Power Bank

Due to avoid short circle, we pack the battery by specially plastic pallet

20pcs for one pallet and 8pallets for one standard paper carton.

The outer carton stick UN Lithium-ion label with international transportation rules

Polymer battery show

single cell

battery pack  with pcb and connector


Handling of Cells

Consideration of strength of film package 

Soft Aluminium foil

Easily damaged by sharp edge parts such as pins and needles, Ni-tabs, comparing with metal-

can-cased LIB.


Sealed edge may be damaged by heat above 100°C, bend or fold sealed edge.


Prohibition Short Circuit


Never make short circuit cell. It generates very high current which causes heating of the cells

and may cause electrolyte leakage, gassing or explosion that are very dangerous.


The LIP tabs may be easily short-circuited by putting them on conductive surface.

Such outer short circuit may lead to heat generation and damage of the cell.


An appropriate circuitry with PCM shall be employed to protect accidental short circuit of the

battery pack.


Mechanical shock

LIP cells have less mechanical endurance than metal-can-cased LIB.

Falling, hitting, bending, etc. may cause degradation of LIP characteristics.


Similar Polymer Battery Picture for LiPO battery 3.7V 16AH High power 20C discharge li-ion battery for UAV

Other size:

Tac submit over 2000 models for different capacity and size 

506786MP-3500 3500 6 5.08 66.88 86.62
9645100MP-4800 4800 3.5 9.25 44.64 99.95
4674135MP-5000 5000 5 4.64 73.68 134.53
114295MP-5600 5600 5 11.27 41.45 95.08
887780MP-6000 6000 5 8.46 76.23 79.1
1145100MP-6000 6000 2.2 11.3 43.49 100.52
9545120MP-6500 6500 2.0 9.39 44.53 120.75
956497MP-6900 6900 3.2 9.36 62.6 95.75
8843156MP-7700 7700 2.2 9.02 43.97 159.31
8060155MP-8300 8300 2.0 7.82 58.9 156.88
9759156MP-10000 10000 2.2 9.37 58.85 155.77
7270170MP-10000 10000 2.2 6.88 69.98 169.87
9559156MP-11000 11000 2.2 9.47 58.83 157.5




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