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What Performance Batteries Are Needed On The Dubai Market

Apr 14, 2020

Customer need minimum 4000 life cycle at 80% of DOD based on 60 degree centigrade temperature in Dubai.
also need certification of TUV-IEC62619 & CE-EMC Directive.

For following reason we need battery pack with prismatic LFP battery cell in ABS case like lead acid battery case.

1. Lithium iron phosphate battery has good performance of high temperature resistance. The electric peak of lithium iron phosphate battery can reach 350°C -500°C, while lithium manganate battery and lithium cobaltate battery are only around 200°C. So, Lithium iron phosphate battery is better for UAE and Saudi Arabia.

2. Lithium iron phosphate cell has very long lifespan for more than 2000-5000 cycles depending on the discharge depth and discharge current. But the consistency of lithium iron phosphate cell is worse than that of NCM cell. Although single lithium iron phosphate battery life is very long, the lifespan of battery will be greatly reduced because of the consistency problem. The battery pack is made of a large number of single battery in series and in parallel, it works like a group of people running with ropes, even if everyone is a sprinter, and if everyone's movement is not consistent, the team is not fast, and the overall speed is even slower than that of the slowest individual. The smaller the number of series-parallel cells for battery, the better the lifespan of battery.
As we all known, for the lifespan of battery, the consistency of the core is one of the most important and critical factors. The smaller the number of series-parallel cells for battery, the better the lifespan of battery. Cylindrical batteries cannot be made large sizes and capacity because of safety problems. So for the same voltage and capacity of the battery pack, cylindrical batteries need more number of parallel to achieve. For example, as for 12.8V60Ah LiFePO4 battery, it needs 20 cells in parallel for 3000mAh 26650 cell and it only needs 2 cells in parallel for 30000mAh prismatic cell. Therefore, the effect of the former consistency between cells on the lifespan of battery is far greater than that of the latter.