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Use Of Rechargeable Batteries

Aug 16, 2017

With the social into the economic, information age, in the energy (not rechargeable) a rechargeable battery is gradually replaced by rechargeable batteries, the face of rechargeable battery economy, environmental protection, power enough, suitable for high power, long use Series of advantages, it gradually widely used in daily life. We only have a better understanding of the correct use of rechargeable batteries in order to better use for us.

There are five rechargeable batteries: nickel cadmium, nickel hydrogen, lithium ion, lead storage, lithium iron.

Recharge the battery correctly using the steps / methods

1 to know the overcharge and over discharge will rechargeable batteries, especially liquid lithium-ion rechargeable batteries cause great harm. So the best charge in accordance with standard time and standard method of charging, in particular, do not carry out more than 12 hours of long charge. In general, Rechargeable Battery the charging method described in the instruction manual is the standard charging method.

2 when the normal use should start charging

For the lithium-ion rechargeable battery charge and discharge cycle of the experimental table, Rechargeable Battery the data on the cycle life are listed below:

Cycle life (100% DOD):> 200 times

Cycle life (10% DOD):> 1000 times where DOD is the abbreviation of discharge depth. As can be seen from the table, the number of chargeable and discharge depth, 10% DOD cycle life than 100% DOD to be much longer. Of course, if the equivalent of the actual capacity of the actual charge: 10% * 1000 = 100,100% * 200 = 200, Rechargeable Battery the latter fully charge and discharge or to be better, but in front of that statement to do some amendments: In case you should keep the charge in accordance with the principle of rechargeable battery remaining recharge, but if your rechargeable battery is expected to be two hours on your second day, Rechargeable Battery you should start charging in a timely manner. If you are willing to carry a charger to the office and another matter.

3 For special cases, you can charge the battery before it is completely exhausted. To know and did not really lose the "1" times the charging cycle life, that is, "0.x" times only, and often this x will be very small.

Recharge the battery remaining power out of the principle of recharging is not to you to the extreme. And long charge as widely circulated a saying, is "as far as possible to recharge the battery run out, it is best to use automatic shutdown." This practice is actually only nickel rechargeable battery on the practice, Rechargeable Battery the purpose is to avoid the memory effect occurs, unfortunately it is also circulating in the lithium rechargeable battery today. As the rechargeable battery due to excessive discharge caused by the voltage is too low, so do not have the normal charge and boot conditions.

4 for rechargeable batteries, Rechargeable Battery try not to recharge the battery exposed to high temperatures or cold, like the weather day, the rechargeable battery to withstand the exposure of the sun; or get air-conditioned room, placed in the cold air blowing place. When charging, rechargeable batteries have a little hot is normal, but can not let it be subject to high temperature "suffering". In order to avoid this happening, it is best to charge at room temperature, and do not cover anything on the phone.

5 for the rechargeable battery charge is not the longer the better, no protection circuit is full of rechargeable batteries should stop charging, Rechargeable Battery or rechargeable batteries will be due to heat or overheating performance.

6 for most of the rechargeable battery is best to use a dedicated charger, or may not reach the saturation state, affecting its performance. After charging, Rechargeable Battery should be avoided on the charger for more than 12 hours or more, long time should not be used when the rechargeable battery and instrument products separately.

7 for the correct practice of rechargeable batteries

To sum up, I charge the battery in the use of the charge and discharge of the most important tips are:

1, in accordance with the standard time and procedures to charge, even the first three times should be so;

2, when the power is too low, it should try to start charging in time;

3, the activation of the battery does not require a special method, in normal use, rechargeable batteries will naturally activate. If you insist on using the spread of the "first three 12-hour long charge activation" method, in fact, will not be effective.

Therefore, all the pursuit of 12 to 16 hours long charge and the use of rechargeable batteries automatically shut down the practice, are wrong. Rechargeable Battery If you were doing it in the wrong way, please correct it in time, maybe it is too late.