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Uninterruptible Power Supply Provides Convenience For Maintenance

Oct 24, 2017

Uninterruptible power supply is ups, is the meaning of uninterrupted supply, refers to the power outage, through the switching of uninterruptible power supply, the battery pack inverter electricity to electricity equipment.

An uninterruptible power supply is an important external device capable of providing continuous, stable, uninterrupted supply.

Features and functions of uninterruptible power supply

When the ① system fails, the direct power supply will be converted automatically, UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply and the normal operation of the other equipment is not due to the failure of the online ups.

②, provide convenience for maintenance. So that the online UPS power supply in the maintenance, the other equipment will not be affected.

③ and bypass system provide maintenance support for maintenance personnel. UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Avoid the risk of maintenance personnel live maintenance.

On-line UPS power supply bypass system. At present, only the large models with bypass system function. Small on-line UPS power supply does not have bypass function. In the online UPS power failure, please find professional maintenance personnel for maintenance.

The main advantage of uninterruptible power supply is its uninterrupted supply capacity. In the normal AC input, UPS AC rectifier into direct current, and then the DC inverter into a stable no impurities of alternating current, to the latter level of load. Once the mains ac input is abnormal, UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply such as undervoltage or power failure or abnormal frequency, then UPS will enable standby energy-storage batteries, UPS rectifier circuit will be shut down, the corresponding, will be the battery of DC electric inverse into a stable no impurities of the alternating current, continue to the post level load use. UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply This is the origin of UPS uninterruptible power supply capability. Figure 1 is a typical UPS block diagram.

Of course, UPS uninterruptible power supply time is not unlimited, this time is subject to the storage battery itself the size of energy. If there is an AC power outage, then in the UPS battery power of the precious time, you need to do is to quickly restore the AC power, UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply such as the use of alternate AC circuit, oil machine to enable power generation, UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply it is not possible to save the emergency, the results of the labor, waiting for the exchange to resume normal after