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The Purchase Technique Of Rechargeable Battery

Sep 27, 2017

The emergence of rechargeable batteries, to a large extent convenient for our lives, but also green environmental protection, reducing the waste of many disposable batteries and pollution phenomenon.

Rechargeable Battery Features

Ni-CD: Small Memory Effect capacity

Ni-MH: Memory effect Small capacity large

Lithium ion: No memory effect body thin capacity, due to different electrode materials, electromotive force of 3.6V, 3.7V two. Lithium battery performance is the best of the existing types of batteries, small size, light weight, large capacity. Widely used in digital cameras, notebook computers, Rechargeable Battery mobile phones and other electronic products.

Lead storage: electromotive force about 12V, lead-acid batteries can be recharged and reused, electrolyte is sulfuric acid solution, internal resistance is very small, Rechargeable Battery widely used in automobiles, motorcycles.

Lithium iron: Electric power is more adequate, safer, and lighter, the main direction of future electric car development.

In general, the same type of rechargeable battery, Rechargeable Battery the larger the volume, the larger the weight is also larger.

Charging Battery Selection Tips

The most versatile is the 5th (AA) and 7th (AAA) rechargeable batteries, many digital cameras, Diskman, Walkman, MD, PDA and so need to use. This kind of battery mainly has nickel cadmium/nickel hydrogen two kinds, the following mainly talk about Ni-cd/ni hydrogen problem. Ni-cd/Ni-MH battery has a AA and AAA model can directly replace ordinary 5th and No. 7th disposable batteries, Rechargeable Battery although the normal battery standard voltage of 1.5V and Ni-cd/ni-MH battery only 1.2V, but generally does not affect the use.

First of all, one of the important parameters of rechargeable batteries-the battery capacity, in the unit AH (Ann) said. We can see that it is a composite unit, consisting of the product of current units and time units, which represents the product of the constant discharge time of a battery at a steady current. In small batteries, Rechargeable Battery we usually use smaller units MAH (MA). For example, an ideal electric battery with 60MA current discharge can last 10 hours, the discharge current and time multiplied we know that the battery capacity is 600mAH, theoretically if it is used in 600MA discharge of the occasion can use one hours (with battery capacity divided by discharge current). The battery capacity parameter represents how much power the battery can hold, Rechargeable Battery always the more in the same volume, and generally we can see the capacity identification on the retail-packaged battery.

This kind of rechargeable battery mainly considers the capacity and the specification as well as the price. First of all, to determine the size of the purchase of batteries, for the small battery compartment equipment, or the need to put a multiple-section battery side-by-step device, pay attention to the purchase of high-capacity, thicker diameter of the battery is appropriate. Rechargeable batteries have two different forms of cathode, Rechargeable Battery one is similar to ordinary batteries with some of the raised parts, to help with the battery box or other battery cathode contact good, there is a flat battery cap, more suitable for welding into the battery block. It is advisable to use the rechargeable battery in the former form generally. Packaging on the rechargeable battery is divided into industrial packaging and retail packaging, industrial packaging only with monochrome plastic, the main supply manufacturers do battery block, the single cell on the battery in addition to the production date no other information. and retail packaging appearance is more beautiful, there are detailed representations including brand, trademarks, Rechargeable Battery capacity and origin of information, and some also accompanied by a simple charging method, suitable for ordinary users. The second is the choice of battery capacity. For digital cameras, flash, communications equipment and other large-scale equipment, from the working time and performance considerations, large-capacity Ni-MH battery is the preferred, large capacity of the battery can be used in a sufficient time longer. No. 5th battery can reach 1200-1300mah, Rechargeable Battery 7th battery can reach 550mAH, almost twice times of low capacity Ni-CD battery. For Low-power radios and so on, the choice of Ni-CD battery is more economical. Once again is the choice of brand, the General brand product quality assurance, performance excellence, in many mobile phones and walkie-talkie battery blocks are used in Panasonic and Sanyo and Toshiba batteries. In the retail of NiMH batteries in the GP is more famous, there is a combination of chargers to provide packaging. Rechargeable Battery The homemade Swan card is also good. Ni-CD batteries in the GP, Hitachi, Panasonic more see, performance is better.