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The Importance Of Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Jul 24, 2017

Uninterruptible power supply and meaning: uninterruptible power (uninterruptible power system) in English, is able to provide a sustained, stable, uninterrupted power supply of important external equipment. In principle, it is a set of digital and analog circuits, UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply automatic control inverter and maintenance-free storage devices in one of the power electronic equipment, which is a set of AC + DC charging + AC-DC inverter device. UPS in the battery in the normal power supply when the state is charged. Once the utility power is interrupted, the battery immediately outputs the stored DC power to the inverter to become AC power to the computer equipment, maintaining continuity of power to the computer equipment. The required spare time can be configured according to the needs of users An / AH battery to meet. UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply When the power failure, the power supply in the absence of the conditions of the load to continue to supply power to ensure that the computer system does not lose information and data, and to ensure that the disk disk or head from damage, to ensure that equipment in the power failure is normal run.

From the use of speaking, with the advent of information society, widely used in information collection, transmission, processing, storage to all aspects of the application. Postal, telecommunications, mobile, financial and securities, hospitals, electricity, military, petrochemical, UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply industrial and mining enterprises and major institutions, and its importance is increasing with the increasing importance of information applications.

Uninterruptible power supply is the UPS business system needs to run for a long time, you can also configure the battery pack.

As the development of information technology, the network has become an indispensable part of people's lives and work, constitute the network of digital room power supply reliability has become the key, UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply and the reliable power supply room is the most important,

Uninterruptible power supply is to solve the uninterrupted power supply and set,

Three basic functions of uninterruptible power supply: regulator

, Filter, uninterrupted. In the mains power supply, it is the role of regulators and filters to eliminate or weaken the mains of the interference to ensure the normal work of the equipment; in the city when the interruption, it can by its DC power supply part (battery Group, diesel generators, etc.) to provide a perfect AC power supply for the use of the load, UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply which by the electricity supply to the battery power supply is generally 0 time switch, so that the load device does not feel any changes while maintaining the operation, the real To ensure the uninterrupted operation of the equipment.