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The Better The Uninterruptible Power Supply Performance

Aug 16, 2017

Uninterruptible power supply is now widely used in: mine, aerospace, industrial, communications, defense, hospitals, computer business terminals, network servers, network equipment, data storage devices and other fields. The mains voltage input range is wide, indicating that the use of electricity is strong (to reduce the battery discharge). Output voltage, frequency range is small, it shows that the mains adjustment capacity, output stability. The waveform distortion rate is used to measure the stability of the output voltage waveform, UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply while the voltage stability indicates the stability of the output voltage when the UPS is suddenly loaded from zero load to full load.

What is the use of uninterruptible power supply? This article elaborates on this, the following nine functions of uninterruptible power supply:

 1) voltage stability --- a mains voltage is susceptible to the quality of power transmission line, for example, closer to the substation voltage of about 130 ~ 120V, substation far lower user voltage 100 ~ 90V, such as the voltage is too high or too low will make the user equipment life, serious equipment will burn, the use of on-line UPS can provide a stable voltage power supply, voltage changes less than 2V, UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply can extend the equipment life and protection equipment.

2) power failure protection --- a commercial instantaneous terminal, such as equipped with UPS, then immediately by the uninterruptible power supply to convert the battery DC power supply to continue to load the power supply.

3) high and low voltage protection --- a mains voltage is too high or too low when the UPS built-in regulator (AVR) will make the appropriate adjustments to the mains voltage can be maintained in the range, UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply if the voltage is too low or Too much higher than the usable range, UPS will convert the battery DC power supply to AC power supply to protect the user equipment.

 4) frequency stability --- a city frequency is divided into 50Hz / 60Hz two, the so-called frequency is every second cycle of change, 50Hz is 50 times per second, Taiwan's electricity frequency is 60Hz, the mainland is 50Hz. When the generator is running, the sudden change in the amount of electricity consumed by the client causes the frequency of the converted electric power to fluctuate and the uninterruptible power supply can provide a stable frequency.

5) Waveform distortion processing - a power transmission through the transmission line to the client, for the use of a variety of machinery and equipment, which often cause the mains voltage waveform distortion. As the waveform distortion will produce harmonic to interfere with the device, UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply and will make the power system transformer temperature increases, most of the requirements of the distortion rate <5%, while the general UPS design distortion rate <3% to 5%.

6) monitoring power --- with the UPS intelligent communication interface and monitoring software can record the mains voltage frequency of power outages and the number of times to achieve power monitoring, UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply and can arrange uninterruptible power supply timer switch machine to save energy.

7) Suppress common mode noise - a common mode noise generated between the line of fire / neutral and ground.

8) Suppresses transverse mode noise - a transverse mode noise is generated between the line of fire and the neutral line.

9) Surge protection --- general uninterruptible power supply will be installed surge absorber or tip discharge design to absorb the surge to protect the user equipment.

Uninterruptible power supply efficiency, power factor, conversion time and so are important parameters that characterize UPS performance, determines the protection of the load and the utilization of electricity. UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply The better the performance, the stronger the protection, in general, off-line UPS on the load protection of the worst, slightly interactive online, UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply online type is almost able to solve all the common power problems.