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Smart Mobile Will Be Update To Wearable Device In China, Sunland Battery Have Ready

Nov 09, 2017

In November, the most exciting news for smart phone is that : “wisdom in China” shock the world again, The Chinese smart phone manufacture including of  HUAWEI \ VIVO\ OPPO will say  goodbye to high level screen vendor who monopolistic the AMOLED technology ,for example Apple and Samsung


October 26, Chinese manufacturer BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd “ announced  the 6th generation of flexible AMOLED (active matrix organic light-emitting Bipolar) production line have been proved to mass production .This flexible screen production line is the first line in China , and the second production line in the world  (The first flexible AMOLED production line is built by Samsung)


We can predict that China famous smart mobile manufacturer will be use this new technology for update production  the smart phone will certainly become the wearable device in the future.


So for the wearable device,  there are two important “bottleneck"restrictions , they are screen and bend batteries, as we know , the flexible screen (AMOLED) have break already , , it is time turn to the battery now.


Then how about the situation for the bend battery ?


our lipo battery technology Team began to development and product the bend battery five years ago ,and have support PHILIPS to design the new production.


What is bend battery?

refers to the battery body is arc-shaped and with a certain radian of soft packet lithium-ion battery.

Its characteristics:

The battery work temperature about (0~120 degree)  

it can be formed in any radian according to the customer's requirements:

The raw material is low cost, but the additional cost is high, so it is more suitable for high value added products.


What are the areas of arc battery application?


Bend battery is generally used for electronic equipment with a  radian, the traditional square battery can not meet the radian requirement.

such as: i-watches, sports hand ring, smart watch and other wearable electronic equipment.

Future ARC batteries will be used in the smart-phone market.


What are the advantages of bend battery in Sunland battery?

OEM \ODM including of radian, size, capacity


Radian: Π/6~2Π/3

Thickness: 1.2mm~4mm width: ≥8.5mm Height: ≥15mm


What are the advantages of our arc battery?

High discharge rate : 3C magnification ≥90%

Long cycle life:  cycle 500times