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Ni-MH Battery Fast Charging Problem

Nov 30, 2016

(1) time control method, according to the capacity of the rechargeable battery and charging current, it is easy to determine the required charging time, this detection method is achieved through the timer. Charge process, the timing system to schedule the charging time, when the charging time is reached, the timer to stop charging the charger or to trickle charge. This method is simple and safe, but requires a better understanding of the performance of rechargeable batteries.

(2) voltage control method, in the voltage control method, the voltage is most likely to be detected. According to the charging process to determine the maximum voltage of the battery charge state, but the maximum charge voltage with ambient temperature, the size of the charging current and battery combination changes, and the battery pack, the maximum charge voltage is also different. Therefore, this method may damage the battery when the battery reaches the highest voltage, and this charging method is less flexible.