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Lighting Electric Pool Installation Mode

Jul 12, 2017

Lighting use of electricity pool precautions:

Prohibit the installation of lighting pool, to avoid danger, such as accidental lighting power pool shell rupture, contact with sulfuric acid, please rinse with a large amount of water, if necessary, please.

When using multiple lighting batteries, pay attention to the connection between the power pool of lighting is correct, do not short-circuit.

If you need to use the electric pool in parallel, do not normally exceed three groups (only) in parallel

The use of the process should avoid strong vibration or mechanical damage.

Please refer to this book or instruction manual for the charge and discharge of the lighting electric pool.

Lighting batteries are not allowed to be used in airtight or high-temperature environments (the recommended cycle temperature is 5 ~ 35 ℃).

Do not use chemical cleaning agent to clean the lighting pool, lighting pool cleaning please use as much as possible to wring dry wipes, please do not use dry cloth or duster and so on.

Please do not let the rain get in the light of the lighting pool, Battery for Lighting or the lighting pool into the water.

Use a lighting pool container with upper and lower vents for heat dissipation.

Do not mix in the same box with different capacity, new and old different, the factory different lighting power pool.

Do not place the lighting pool near the source of the fire or burn it into the fire.

Waste lighting batteries should be concentrated in the designated or by lighting use of electricity pool manufacturers recovery, do not abandon.

Product advantages of green environmental protection: The plate is made of special alloy materials, do not contain environmental pollution and not easy to recover the antimony and cadmium and other metal materials. Fully sealed design: double sealing structure, gel electrolyte, never leaking liquid, Battery for Lighting the use of safe and convenient process. High-performance: low internal resistance, strong charging capacity, high energy conversion rate, good seismic performance.

Strong environment adaptability: adaptable-40~65℃ environment, lighting power pool can be placed at will, there are terminals and connectors two kinds of output, suitable for a variety of installation methods, Battery for Lighting especially for outdoor use. Long life: The application of the new-generation polymer colloid and the thickening plate design greatly improve the cycle life of the lighting electric pool.

Seismic performance: Strong seismic performance, even in the vibration of the large current work, but also to ensure the normal use of electricity pool lighting. Lighting Power Pool shell using ABS material, enhanced grade flame retardant material (FV0 level) for users to choose. Warm hint: Lighting electricity pool need to be placed in a long time must be sufficient electricity, generally every one months to supplement, long not, it will slowly discharge itself, until scrapped. Therefore, every certain time should be given to lighting the use of electricity pool to recharge electricity. Charging should not be too long, if the charger does not carry indicator, Battery for Lighting the battery micro-heat is good, too long to use the lighting pool to charge bad or even explode. When charging, do not pinch the wrong and positive pole, may burn the charger. Red chuck corresponds to red and black to black. Lighting with the use of electricity pool life termination, please properly keep yo, arbitrary abandonment will cause environmental pollution, to protect our Mother Earth, look at the sky is not the former Blue ah. Suggest to find a scrap to sell, each catty words also have a few dollars yo, each region is different, please according to their place price processing.