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Lighting Battery For A Wide Range Of Environments

Jul 24, 2017

Lighting battery product features

Large capacity, higher than the power

Products using lithium phosphate materials for the cathode material and advanced technology, with high current discharge performance, Battery for Lighting high capacity characteristics.

long lasting

Cycle capacity, the standard state 1C charge and discharge cycles up to 1000 times.

Applicable to a wide range of environments

Products with a strong high and low temperature charge and discharge capacity, high discharge capacity.

Strong safety performance

Scientific structural design, in overcharge, over discharge, acupuncture, Battery for Lighting extrusion and other safety performance test on the outstanding performance.

Better consistency

The latest special processing technology to ensure that the multi-cell battery in series with the use of stability and consistency.


No pollution, no leakage night, placed in any direction are reliable and safe to use. Battery for Lighting Is a national green new energy products.

Lighting use Note:

 Do not disassemble the battery, so as to avoid danger, such as accidental battery shell rupture, exposure to sulfuric acid, please rinse with plenty of water, if necessary, please seek medical attention. The same time as

 When using multiple batteries, pay attention to the connection between the battery is correct, be careful not to short circuit. The same time as

If you want to use the battery in parallel, Battery for Lighting generally not more than three groups (only) in parallel, if you want to contact with my company. The same time as

The use of the process should avoid strong vibration or mechanical damage. The same time as

 Please refer to this manual or instruction manual for charge and discharge of the battery. The same time as

 The battery can not be used in a closed or high temperature environment (recommended recycling temperature of 5 ~ 35 ℃). The same time as

Do not use a chemical cleaning agent to clean the battery. Do not use a dry cloth or duster or the like. The same time as

Please do not let the rain poured into the lighting battery, Battery for Lighting or put the battery into the water. The same time as

Use the upper and lower battery packs with vent holes for heat dissipation. The same time as

 Do not mix the same capacity in the same box, different old and new, different manufacturers of batteries. The same time as

 Do not place the battery near a fire source or into a fire. The same time as

 Waste batteries should be concentrated on the designated or by the lighting battery manufacturers recycling, do not abandon.