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Knowledge For Installing Battery Energy Storage Installing Battery Energy Storage

Jun 15, 2017

knowledge for Installing battery energy storage  Installing battery energy storage

Whether you already have a solar system and you'd like to use more of its energy, or you want your own back-up supply, battery energy storage may be worth considering.

There are different types of battery storage systems, however most households use lithium-ion technology.

This guide explains what you'll need to consider and think through before deciding on battery storage systems and installation.

How battery storage systems work

Battery storage used together with solar power can help reduce your electricity bills  by storing the solar energy you generate during the day so that you can use it when you need it. Watch the video below to see how batteries work with solar power.

Is storage right for you?

If you're thinking of installing batteries to save money on electricity, it's worth weighing up the whole-of-system  cost against how much you're likely to save over time. This will help you work out if installing a battery is right for you.