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Introduction To The Scientific Charging Method Of Electric Scooter Battery

Sep 18, 2020

Introduction to the scientific charging method of electric scooter battery

Introduction to the scientific charging method of electric scooter battery

First of all, we must ensure that deep discharge is not frequent. Deep discharge consumes a lot of battery life. This means that you don’t want to charge when you find that the power on the dashboard is insufficient, or even when it is completely exhausted. If you continue to deep discharge several times, it is easy to reduce the battery life.

Second, when charging the battery of an electric vehicle, try to charge it in time after use, and try to ensure that the battery is used in a sufficient state, which is better for the battery. However, people will always make a mistake, don’t worry, if the electric car is not charged in time once in a while, the impact on battery life will not be great.

In addition, it does not take long for a new battery to be charged for the first time. Nowadays, almost all electric vehicles have the function of jumping lights. After the indicator light that indicates that the battery is fully charged, it will usually stop charging automatically. But to be safe, unplug the power supply in time after 1-2 hours of changing the light to prevent overcharging.

It should be reminded that if the electric vehicle is not used for a long time, the battery must be fully charged and stored at full capacity. After the battery is charged, it will automatically discharge when placed there. When using it again, be sure to check the battery condition, if part of the power has been consumed, you must recharge it again.