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Integrating DC Power Into A Comprehensive Maintenance Strategy

May 09, 2018

As more and more emphasis is placed on availability and reliability of critical power systems, the importance of protection and backup systems, and the batteries they depend on, cannot be overemphasized. Integrating DC power maintenance into a total systems approach is essential to maximizing uptime for industrial and commercial facilities and power plants.

The first step in ensuring availability is implementing a testing and maintenance program that is compliant with IEEE and/or NERC guidelines. In most cases, remote battery monitoring will prove to be the most cost-effective approach to ensuring the necessary visibility for identifying potential failure conditions and prolonging battery life.

Regular maintenance and monitoring enable the replacement of batteries and other components based on performance trending, instead of by age. Additionally, utilizing a mobile DC power solution during system maintenance helps ensure the backup power system can continue to function during maintenance and testing.

DC power systems, when well-managed, protect critical operations, help facility managers ensure the reliable operation of their total power system, and help businesses avoid the high cost and detrimental impact of unplanned downtime.