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Integral Solar Street Lamp Battery Use

Aug 04, 2017

With the continuous development of science and technology, one solar street lamp battery integration of solar street lighting technology more and more mature, more and more capacity, life longer and longer, the use of more and more widely. Now the use of integrated solar street light battery has been developed to the solar street light industry, replacing the lead acid and colloidal batteries, how to use one solar street lamp battery to extend the life of solar street lamp is very important, here we explore how to correctly use one integrated solar street light battery:

 One, one solar street lamp battery after a period of time into the dormant state, this time the capacity is lower than the normal value, the use of time also will be shortened. All in One Solar Street Light Battery But one solar street lamp battery is easy to activate, as long as after 3-5 times the normal charge and discharge cycle can activate the battery, restore normal capacity. Due to the characteristics of one of the solar street lamp itself, it is almost no memory effect. So the whole solar street lamp battery in the activation process, All in One Solar Street Light Battery is no need for special methods and equipment, from the beginning to use the standard method of charging this "natural activation" approach is the best. For one of the solar street lamp "activation" problem, there are many views: charging time must be more than 12 hours, repeated three times in order to activate the battery. This "the first three charges to charge more than 12 hours" argument, obviously from the nickel batteries (such as nickel and cadmium and nickel hydrogen) continued to say. So this argument can be said that the beginning is misleading. All in One Solar Street Light Battery One solar street lamp battery and nickel battery charge and discharge characteristics of a very big difference, and can be very clear to tell you that I have checked all the serious technical information are stressed overcharge and over discharge will be integrated solar street lamp battery, Especially liquid lithium-ion battery caused great damage. All in One Solar Street Light Battery So the best charge in accordance with standard time and standard method of charging, in particular, do not carry out more than 12 hours of long charge. Usually, the phone instructions on the charging method, is suitable for the phone's standard charging method. In addition, one of the solar street lamp battery or charger in the battery will automatically stop charging, there is no nickel electric charger called 10 hours of the so-called "trickle" charge. In other words, if you are one of the solar street lamp battery is full, on the charger is also white charge. And none of us can guarantee that the battery charge and discharge protection circuit features never change and the quality of foolproof, so your battery will be long on the edge of danger wandering. This is another reason for opposing long charging. In addition, after charging for a certain period of time, if the charging is not stopped, the discharge-charging cycle will begin. All in One Solar Street Light Battery Perhaps the vendor of this practice has its own purpose, but it is obviously detrimental to the life of batteries and solar lights and controllers. In addition, the other can not be ignored is one of the same solar street lamp battery is also not suitable for over discharge, over discharge on the one solar street lamp battery is also very unfavorable. This leads to the following questions.

Second, the battery remaining power out of the principle of recharging is not to you to the extreme. And long charge as widely circulated a saying, is "as far as possible one of the solar street lamp battery exhausted." This practice is only nickel batteries on the practice, All in One Solar Street Light Battery the purpose is to avoid the memory effect occurs, unfortunately it is also one in the solar street lamp battery spread today.

Third, put together, one of the solar street lamp battery charge and discharge in the use of the most important tips are:

1, in accordance with the standard time and procedures to charge, even the first three times should be so;

2, when there is low power tips, it should try to start charging in time;

3, one solar street lamp battery activation does not require a special method, in the normal use of mobile phone solar street lamp battery will naturally activate. If you insist on using the spread of the "first three 12-hour long charge activation" method, in fact, will not be effective.

Of course, in the mobile phone and charger itself to protect and control the quality of the circuit in good condition, the protection of one solar street lamp battery is still quite guaranteed. So the understanding of the charging rules is the focus, in some cases can also make some concessions. For example, All in One Solar Street Light Battery you find the phone in your night before going to bed must be charged, you can also start charging before going to bed. The crux of the problem is that you should know what the right thing to do, and do not deliberately do it in the wrong way.

Integral solar street lamp battery use Misunderstanding:

Misunderstanding 1: the initial use of repeated charge and discharge three times in order to activate the battery.

Misunderstanding 2: the first charge must be sufficient for 12 hours

Misunderstanding 3: the battery needs a full charge once a month.

Misunderstanding 4: side of the charge side of the work, or after the completion of charging will continue to use an external power supply will damage the host and battery