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How To Differentiate PCB PCM BMS

Jun 11, 2020

How to differentiate PCB PCM BMS

Some buyer is not clear about PCB BMS PCM , just explain as below

PCB.- Battery protection board 

it is base board without any electron component 

PCM.- Protection Circuit Module

The borad with electron component and function including of over charge protection over discharge protection over current protection short circle protection etc .

BMS.- Battery Management System

Functions of BMS battery management system

(1) Measurement of battery terminal voltage

(2) Energy balance between single cells

(3) Total battery voltage measurement

(4) Total battery current measurement

(5) SOC calculation: estimate the remaining power of the power battery

(6) Dynamically monitor the working state of the power battery pack: prevent the battery from overcharging or overdischarging

(7) Real-time data display

(8) Data recording and analysis: maintain the reliability and efficiency of the entire battery operation

(9) Communication networking function

The difference between BMS battery management system and iron lithium battery protection board

Both the BMS battery management system and the iron-lithium battery protection board are protective umbrellas for lithium batteries, but the BMS management system is equivalent to the brain of a lithium battery, which is more intelligent and can be edited with configuration battery management software. The protection board is an IC+MOS plus some resistance, capacitance and other originals, which belongs to hardware protection. Compared with the protection board, the BMS battery management system is easier to operate and more convenient. However, whether it can be used normally in low temperature extreme environments has yet to be verified.

The BMS battery management system is of great significance for protecting the safety of electric vehicles, charging station equipment and personnel.