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Energy Storage Systems Have A Wide Range Of Services

Sep 27, 2017

The energy storage System consists of four parts, the battery and battery management system (BMS), the energy storage Converter (PCS), and the system for monitoring and communicating the whole system. In fact, in order to maintain the power storage equipment under normal operating conditions, Energy Storage Systems but also need to be equipped with industrial air-conditioning, fire facilities. In addition to all the equipment, the storage System solution provider integrates the storage equipment, covering the areas of design, construction, operations, and services.

The industry of converter and data acquisition and control system is very mature. and the battery management system in the early market, Energy Storage Systems because the domestic energy storage market has not yet arisen, the development and manufacture of the storage BMS is very small. and the energy storage System solution provider because of a whole project design, procurement, construction, Energy Storage Systems operation and after-sale operations and other matters, a single project volume is large, so have a strong discourse power.

The most widely used traditional energy storage methods, such as pumped storage and compressed air storage, are undergoing continuous improvement and innovation.

The existing energy storage system is divided into five types: mechanical energy storage, electrical energy storage, electrochemical energy storage, thermal energy storage and chemical storage energy. At present, the world's largest is pumped storage, the total installed capacity of 127GW, the total capacity of 99%, Energy Storage Systems followed by compressed air storage, the total installed capacity of 440MW, the third highest is the sodium sulfide battery, the total capacity of 316MW.

The energy storage System can help smooth the transition between the peaks and troughs of the renewable energy output.

The energy storage system can take advantage of the rooftop solar power generation devices, the power generated by the household wind turbines, Energy Storage Systems and the low-cost power sources of the social power supply system to put the rich electricity into the storage systems in case of peak use, not only for emergency power, but also for household savings in electricity costs. In addition to domestic use, Energy Storage Systems can also be used for field operations, emergency emergency power outage when used for general household appliances, computers, lighting, communications equipment and other use.