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China-Russian Scientists Have Successfully Increased The Capacity Of Lithium-ion Batteries By 15%

Jan 04, 2019

China-Russian scientists have successfully increased the capacity of lithium-ion batteries by 15%

China Energy Storage Network News: According to foreign media reports, the research center jointly established by China and Russia has successfully increased the capacity of lithium-ion batteries for mobile phones, notebook computers and electric vehicles by 15%, thereby reducing the weight of the battery.

Researchers at the St. Petersburg University of Technology (SPbPU) in Russia say that cell efficiency improvements are achieved by adding solid electrolytes to the battery cathode or positively charged electrodes. As a result, researchers have succeeded in increasing battery capacity by 15% compared to liquid electrolyte batteries. According to the results presented at the scientific conference held in Qingdao, this achievement also helps to reduce the overall weight of lithium-ion battery products.

It is reported that the battery sample is developed by the “New Energy Automotive Technology Joint Innovation Center” established by China and SPbPU. The battery test will also be carried out in the laboratory of the center.

Mr. Wang Tsinshen, SPbPU alumni and director of new energy vehicles, said, “The improvement of cathode materials and functional additives is one of the main tasks of our joint research center.” He also said, “under the framework of developing energy-saving technologies, clean energy and electricity transportation. The results achieved by the Center have accelerated the large-scale application of “green technology” in real life.”

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