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Misunderstanding of lithium battery standards

Dec 01, 2016

With the popularity of large-screen mobile phones and smart devices, mobile power (commonly known as charging Po) has become a standard out of people, but the attendant security incidents also make people tremble with fear, the standard is also seen as the lack of industry Quality chaos one of the reasons,

In July last year, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection of 32 batches on the market for a sampling of Po found that 32 batches of products are the quality and safety risks. Among them, 9 batches of product batteries weight impact test does not meet the existence of internal short-circuit the risk of fire explosion; 28 batches of product output electrical performance test does not meet the existence of "burning" bad charging equipment risk; 20 batches of product shell material Flammability test does not meet the fire can not be on the fire-retardant batteries. In addition, 17 batches of products were found to be vacant.