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Can batteries explode if it overcharges

Jun 20, 2018

Can batteries explode if it overcharges?

Don not worry about it if the lithium-ion battery or pack assembled Protect Board (pcm or pcb)

We suggested all designer add the pcb and pcm , the pcb can protect the battery when the batteries were over charged \ over discharged and shortcircle. but if your battery have not PCB, Yes, some batteries, like lithium batteries in cell phones.

However, leaving a lithium battery on the charger overnight, or even for a monthis not overcharging.

The lithium battery charger circuit (which is inside the phonestops the chargewhen the battery hits 100%. There’s no harm in leaving it plugged in.

Lithium chargers output 4.2V per cell, and a lithium battery cannot be overcharged at that voltage.

Nickel-based batteries charge quite differently, usually at a limited current, because a nickel battery can not be overcharged from this limited current.

Normal lead-acid “maintenance” chargers cannot overcharge a lead-acid battery (like in a car).

Rapid lead-acid chargers need to be disconnected after the battery is charged. If they are not, the water in the battery will begin to convert to unbonded hydrogen and oxygen. In the presence of a spark, this will produce an explosion, and even if not, the battery will be short on water, which sometimes can’t be replaced.

Source :Quora