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Can batteries be the energy to save the world

Dec 01, 2016

Car batteries from lead-acid to lithium batteries, nickel-cadmium flashlight turned to handheld lithium-ion design, the battery becomes more efficient. There is no lithium-ion battery, almost certainly will not have the "mobile phone society." But approached large equipment such as transport and power plants and the like, can save our energy consumption life of the place, full of once selected winners such as A123 system and its sponsors, Fiskar Karma (FiskarKarma) Energy, Avestor, Envia, who once provided the impetus for the GM fleet, all lost millions of dollars and managed to escape the starting gate.

Three years ago, science journalist Farhad Manjoo wrote an article to the US online magazine Slate [2] that "better batteries will save the world," but the subtitle "refutes" The title says "Too bad, impossible to do". Despite the introduction of the Tesla S, Nissan LEAF, Chevrolet Volt and the introduction of a large number of new hybrid and pure electric vehicles, from the box economy car to the two luxury hybrid Porsche.