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Home Solar Power System LiFePO4 Battery Pack 48V 200AH 10KW for Household Energy Storage System Quick Detail For Home Solar Power System Features For Home Solar Power System 1. safer high quality lifepo4 battery cell inside 2. flexible datacheble design for the container 3. High level BMS...

Product Details

LiFePO4 Battery Pack 34.8V 10AH For Solar Energy Storage System
The feature:

  1. The standard capacity is 10Ah,and the minimal  capacity is 9.8Ah.

  2. The standard voltage is  34.8V , 100% Full charge voltage is 43.8v 

  3. Outside with the plastic shell,and the battery pack protect by expoxy resin board

  4. Lifepo4 battery pack used for solar energy storage system 

  5. Deep Circle : Long life 1200times. the battery keep work 3-5 years

Specification For LiFePO4 Battery Pack 34.8V 10AH For Solar Energy Storage System


General Parameter


Rated Capacity


Standard discharge(0.2 C5)after standard charge(0.2 C5)

Minimal Rated


Nominal Voltage



Cycle Life

Higher than 60% of the Initial Capacity of the Cells

◆Charge: CC@0.2C to 29.2V, then CV till current to 0.05C

◆Rest: 30min.
◆Discharge: 0.2C to 20.0V
◆Carry out 2000cycles

Discharge cut-off voltage


20.0V( recommended)

Charging cut-off voltage


29.2V (recommended)

Cell and assembly method



Housing material

Blue PVC



Charge And Discharge performance


Standard charge

0.2C constant current(CC) charge to 29.2V,then constant voltage (CV)29.2V charge till charge current decline to ≤0.05C

Charge time : Approx 7h

Standard discharge

Constant current 0.2C
Cut-off voltage 20.0V


Maximum Charge Current



Continuous Discharge Current



Operation Temperature Range

Charge: 5~45℃


Discharge: -10~60℃

Storage Temperature Range

Less than 1 year : 0~25℃

at the shipment state

Less than 3 months:-5~35℃


Approx: 5.5Kg



High:115±2 mm


Width: 120±2mm

Length: 200±2mm


Normall packaging :

we protect the battery pack by extra - sponge, and then put into seven level extra-hard paper carton

1 whole set / each carton

1set in one box.jpg 

 Shipping mark with UN lable to meet the transportation rules

Lead Time

1) Standard module ,  15-20 Days when you confirm the order and arrange the payment

2)OEM module :25-35 days when we confirm all detail information


The drawing for battery pack

 drawing for lifepo4 38.4v 10ah battery pack.png 


The Pictures of LiFePO4 Battery Pack 34.8V 10AH For Solar Energy Storage System





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