24v lifepo4 battery

24V/10Ah LiFePO4 E-Bike rechargeable Battery Pack, RoHS Approved Key Specifications/Special Features: Typical capacity: 10Ah Nominal voltage: 24V Charging voltage: 28.8V Discharge ending voltage: 16V Cycle life: 2,000times Standard charging current: 0.3C Standard discharge current: 0.3C Maximum...

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24v lifepo4 battery

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  1. Typical capacity: 10Ah
  2. Nominal voltage: 24V
  3. Charging voltage: 28.8V
  4. Discharge ending voltage: 16V
  5. Cycle life: 2,000times
  6. Standard charging current: 0.3C
  7. Standard discharge current: 0.3C
  8. Maximum continuous discharge current: 10A
  9. Storage temperature: -20~60C
  10. Size (T x W x H): 65 x 78 x 204mm
  11. Weight: approximately 2kg
  12. OEM/ODM orders are welcome


Specification for 24v lifepo4 battery

No. Items Specifications



Nominal Capacity


1.0C Standard discharge



Minimum Capacity


Nominal Voltage


Operation Voltage



Delivery voltage



Within 10 days from Factory



Charge Voltage



By standard charge method



Standard charging method


0.5C constant current,4.2V constant voltage charge to 4.2V,continue charging till current deline to ≤0.01C



Charge current


0.5C 600mA

Standard charge, charge time:2.5h(Ref)


1.0C 1200mA

Rapid Charge, charge time:1.5h(Ref)



Standard discharging method


1.0C constant current discharge to 3.0V,  

Cell Internal Impedance



Internal resistance measured at AC 1KHZ after 50% 


Other similar  battery pack model


Model Name Battery Chemical Nominal Voltage Out put Voltage Max Discharge Current G.W. Cell Inside Assembling
Max Min
INM24V8.8Ah Li(MnNiCo)O2 25.9V 29.4V 21V 15A 2.8KG INR18650 2200mAh 7S4P
INM24V10.4Ah Li(MnNiCo)O2 25.9V 29.4V 21V 15A 3.0KG INR18650 2600mAh 7S4P


1) LiFePO4 battery with high capacity, high consistency, high security than normal 
2) high capacity with 24V 10ah with long cycle life > 2000 times.
3) No memory effect, environmental friendly, pass ROHS certification
4) High gravimetric specific good deep discharge capacity.
5) LiFePO4 battery Cells can be combined in series to increase voltage and parallel to increase capacity with customer;s require


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