24V 30 Lifepo4 Battery Pack For Solar Lighting

24V 30 Lifepo4 Battery Pack for Solar Lighting

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24V 30 Lifepo4 Battery Pack for Solar Lighting

Specification for 24V 30 Lifepo4 Battery Pack for Solar Lighting

Solar Battery Cell Model GLP20Ah-70170240
Capacity(0.5C) 20Ah
rated voltage(V) 3.2V
Typical Impedance (mΩ) ≤2 mΩ
Battery material LiFePO4
Solar Battery Pack Combination method 3P4S
Minimal capacity 60Ah
Nominal voltage 12.8V
Max. charge voltage 14.6V
Discharge cut-off voltage 9V-10V
Max charge current (0.5C)30A
Max working current (1C)60A
Standard charge current (0.3C)18A
Standard discharge current (0.5C)30A
Weight (Approx.) ≈6.5Kg
Max. dimension(L×W×H)(mm) ≤90*176*270


Operating temperature

Charge temperature 0℃~45℃
Discharge temperature -20℃~55℃



1. Large-scale electric vehicles: electric bus, electric car, E-Tour Car

2. Light electric car: e-bike, e-scooter,e-motorcycle, electric golf cart, e-wheelchair

3. E-tool: electric drill, electric saw, lawn mower and so on

4. Remote control cars, boat, aircraft, toys

5. Solar and wind power generation energy storage devices, Telecom base Station

6. Small medical equipment and portable equipment.



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