Solar Power Battery System

lIFEPO4 battery cell AA size : D 14MM H: 50.5MM 3.2V 550MAH The battery use for solar lamp or light The battery with wire

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Solar Power Battery System

Quick Detail For Solar Power Battery System


1. Nominal Voltage: 3.2V;    full Charge Voltage: 3.65V±0.03V.

2. Nominal Capacity: 550mAh. Min Capacity: 500mAh

3.Application for road studs, LED light, flash light


Specification for  Solar Power Battery System


Test Method and Condition for Solar Power Battery System




Test Method and Condition



Rated Capacity at 0.2C(Min.)

After standard charge, the capacity shall be measured on 0.2C discharge till the voltage discharge to2.0V,




Rated Capacity at 0.5C(Min.)

After standard charge, the capacity shall be measured on 0.5C discharge till the voltage discharge to 2.0V,



Rated Capacity at 1C(Min.)

After standard charge, the capacity shall be measured on 1C discharge till the voltage discharge to 2.0V,




Cycle Life

Charging and discharging battery as blew conditions

0.5C standard charge to 3.65V end-off

0.5C standard discharge to 2.0V cut-off

Continuous charge and discharge for 1000cycles ,the capacity will be measure after the1500th cycle


≥80% of initial capacity


Capacity retention

The battery to be charge in accordance with standard charge condition at 20~25℃,then storage the battery at an ambient temperature 20~25℃ for 28 days.

Measure the capacity after 30 days with 1C at 20~25℃ as retention capacity


Retention capacity



Service :

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Pictures:14505 AA 3.2V LiFePO4 Battery Pack With Wire For Road Studs


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